Shopping for a Man’s Electric Shaver

Women end up doing most of the household shopping, and that includes buying personal care items for their husbands as well. While your husband may be finicky about what he uses, you’re still stuck on how to choose the best electric shaver, and how much money you should be spending. Because once that shaver is out of the box, it’s no longer returnable, unless it doesn’t actually work.

It can be troubling for a woman to choose the best cordless shaver for a man, when she really has no idea what it’s like to have to shave your face every morning, Sure, a woman shaves her armpits or her legs, but there are lady’s electric shavers for that purpose. Being able to absorb information about men’s electric shavers will help you to choose the best one for your husband. There are some manufacturers that still make corded electric shavers, but there aren’t many. These types are often purchased for older men in care homes who have no idea what a cordless shaver is, or how to charge one up. So, for your husband, you’ll want to skip past these types.


Cordless electric shavers can be charged up in advance with the use of a charging unit that plugs into the wall. Once charging is done, the shaver can be removed from the unit, and used without a plug. This means that it’s a lot easier for a man to shave, without having to worry about a bulky cord getting in the way. Some charging units also clean and lubricate the electric shaver after each use. Generally these types of shavers cost a lot more money, as the charging and cleaning unit requires more advanced technology. You’re also going to need to purchase fluid packs regularly. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new shaver for your husband, as he may not like the fact that the costs can escalate over time. Some electric shavers are only made out of plastic, which can cause the shaver to slip while shaving. Consider buying a shaver with an anti-slip rubber grip, which will allow him to hold the shaver in his hands, without worrying about dropping it. Another consideration is how easy is it to clean the shaver. Does the head pop open, and is there an included brush? Most electric shavers can be used in the shower or in the sink. Look for ones that can be fully immersed. This will decrease the chance of getting it wrecked while in use. A waterproof shaver is also much easier, as all he’ll have to do is rinse it under the tap.

A great way to find out if you’re making the right choice for your husband is to read online reviews. Rating systems are usually based on stars, and number of four or five stars. You’ll want to read through the one star ratings too, to see if they’re justified. Sometimes one shaver is not right for another man. Spend time finding the best man’s electric shaver, and you’ll only be getting compliments from your husband on your smart choice.