Best way to Train Your Cat to Tolerate the Vacuum Cleaner

It can be distressing to watch as your little furry family member runs in terror from the vacuum cleaner. Not only do we feel guilty, but it can take hours for kitty to come out from under the bed. But whoever said cats can’t be trained is wrong—it’s possible to train them to tolerate the vacuum cleaner and other loud sounds. I learned the right way from the owner of the best vacuum cleaner site. There’s nothing in nature that is akin to the vacuum cleaner. Your poor cat can’t relate to the vacuum cleaner, except that it’s some terrible beast that might eat him. We know it’s silly, but they don’t.

If you have a kitten, it’s best to get them started early on tolerating this noisy machine, but it’s possible to train an older cat too. Cats love to climb, so they should have some scratching posts that are multi-level, or even some cat shelves installed on the wall. Then, instead of them hiding under the bed or couch, they can feel confident from above, while they watch you vacuum. Instead of training your cat to love the vacuum cleaner, instead you’ve trained him to feel safe. Better yet, provide these high cat spaces in more than one room. It’s also better to have your kitty up in a high spot, so you can still vacuum under the couch or the bed without further terrorizing them. Many people store the vacuum cleaner in the closet when it’s not in use. This means that your cat only sees it when it’s moving around the room and roaring like a wild beast. Leave your vacuum cleaner out in between vacuuming sessions. Your cat will have a chance to check it out, while it’s not moving, making noise, or sucking up cat kibble from the floor. If you should be vacuuming in a room and your cat runs away, don’t make a big deal out of it. This means not chasing him, not grabbing or yelling at him, and definitely not terrorizing him with the brush attachment. Let your cat and the vacuum cleaner get to know each other at the cat’s own pace.


Be sure to spend plenty of time with your cat. This means playing with them, brushing them, and talking to them. Cats enjoy spending time with their humans. This also allows them to disassociate you from that terrible vacuum cleaner. You don’t want the cat to hate you because you’re behind that noisy contraption. Give your cat some treats near the vacuum cleaner. They’ll begin to associate the vacuum cleaner with positive, not negative experiences. Don’t let the vacuum cleaner prevent your cat from getting to their bed, food, water, or litter box. The last thing you need is a starving cat that will make messes outside the box. It may take a month for your cat to get used to the presence of the vacuum cleaner. Don’t rush it, and don’t pick up your cat and place them by the vacuum.

If you’ve managed to get the cat used to the vacuum sitting in the middle of the room, the next step is to turn it on. Ensure the cat isn’t too close to it. If they still run up their cat tree, that’s okay, just carry on vacuuming the room. You can also turn off the vacuum, and turn your cat’s attention to petting or a toy. Over time your cat will realize that the vacuum cleaner is not a big deal. You’ll be able to put it away after vacuuming, and take it out whenever you need to. Won’t it be great to have the cat not freak out while you vacuum the room?

The Best Baby Monitor I Always Wanted

Finding the perfect baby monitor can be a challenge with so many different choices on the market today, but the Infant Optics DXR-8 is sure to please most parents. This baby monitor has three interchangeable optical lenses, so you can use the one that is perfect for your room. The video monitor is large, and has full color live feed. Infant Optics is available in a white and beige/gold finish. There is the camera, and the monitoring unit which contains a full color screen. This is the first baby monitor that has interchangeable lenses. There are three detachable camera lenses, wide angle, zoom, and regular. You may need different lenses for different room sizes. The baby’s room may require a zoom lenses so you can directly zoom in on baby’s face whenever you want, while a larger room may need a wide angle lens to see it in its entirety. You can customize the zoom function remotely, as it does work at regular angle and zoom.


One of the unique features of this baby monitor is that the camera can move up and down at an angle of 120 degrees. It can also rotate around to angles of 270 degrees. This gives you the ability to customize the viewing angle as well. Another great function of the Infant Optics is that you can adjust the pan, tilt, and digital zoom functions remotely. You don’t need to be present in the same room as baby or camera to do so. The LCD viewing screen is crisp and clear. It measures 3.5 inches, so it’s big enough to see exactly what baby is doing at any given moment. This monitoring unit is in a sleek and compact design, making it simple to carry around with you. There is also a pull out stand in back, so you can prop it up on the table or desk. It has a retractable antenna, to make transport easier.

This is the best baby monitor I always wanted, as it has so many useful features. Another great feature is that it has a sound-activated LCD screen. If baby makes a sound, the screen will automatically turn on, and show live streaming video of your baby. There’s no need to fiddle with buttons, as it’s all automatic. Many baby monitors don’t last longer than a few hours, which doesn’t help you out much at bedtime. But the DXR-8 allows you to charge it up, and then have a long lasting battery life of ten hours in power-saving mode, and six hours while actively viewing the screen. The Infant Optics DXR-8 costs just under $200, and is a premium baby monitor for parents who want plenty of choices. One optical zoom lens is included in the box. You may purchase the wide angle lens separately. The Infant Optics DXR-8 is one of the best baby monitors you can buy today. Parents will be thrilled with its functionality, and ability to zoom in close to see baby.

Shopping for a Man’s Electric Shaver

Women end up doing most of the household shopping, and that includes buying personal care items for their husbands as well. While your husband may be finicky about what he uses, you’re still stuck on how to choose the best electric shaver, and how much money you should be spending. Because once that shaver is out of the box, it’s no longer returnable, unless it doesn’t actually work.

It can be troubling for a woman to choose the best cordless shaver for a man, when she really has no idea what it’s like to have to shave your face every morning, Sure, a woman shaves her armpits or her legs, but there are lady’s electric shavers for that purpose. Being able to absorb information about men’s electric shavers will help you to choose the best one for your husband. There are some manufacturers that still make corded electric shavers, but there aren’t many. These types are often purchased for older men in care homes who have no idea what a cordless shaver is, or how to charge one up. So, for your husband, you’ll want to skip past these types.


Cordless electric shavers can be charged up in advance with the use of a charging unit that plugs into the wall. Once charging is done, the shaver can be removed from the unit, and used without a plug. This means that it’s a lot easier for a man to shave, without having to worry about a bulky cord getting in the way. Some charging units also clean and lubricate the electric shaver after each use. Generally these types of shavers cost a lot more money, as the charging and cleaning unit requires more advanced technology. You’re also going to need to purchase fluid packs regularly. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new shaver for your husband, as he may not like the fact that the costs can escalate over time. Some electric shavers are only made out of plastic, which can cause the shaver to slip while shaving. Consider buying a shaver with an anti-slip rubber grip, which will allow him to hold the shaver in his hands, without worrying about dropping it. Another consideration is how easy is it to clean the shaver. Does the head pop open, and is there an included brush? Most electric shavers can be used in the shower or in the sink. Look for ones that can be fully immersed. This will decrease the chance of getting it wrecked while in use. A waterproof shaver is also much easier, as all he’ll have to do is rinse it under the tap.

A great way to find out if you’re making the right choice for your husband is to read online reviews. Rating systems are usually based on stars, and number of four or five stars. You’ll want to read through the one star ratings too, to see if they’re justified. Sometimes one shaver is not right for another man. Spend time finding the best man’s electric shaver, and you’ll only be getting compliments from your husband on your smart choice.

My Life in Canada

Every immigrant experiences feelings of homesickness and worry when they move to a new country. Many immigrants don’t have a choice when they’re fleeing war-torn countries, or when offered a great career in a new country. Fortunately, my situation was the latter, but it still required some getting used to the idea of leaving friends, family, and colleagues behind. Last year I moved to Canada, and I haven’t regretted it since.

Canada has proven to be a great country to live in. The immigration process was long, but much easier than if I had chosen to take a job in the USA. If you’ve read about Vancouver’s affordable housing challenge, you’ll understand I did have trouble finding a place to rent, until I lucked out and found a two-bedroom suite on the main level of a house. The owners were traveling around the world and needed someone to not only look after the garden, but feed their pet as well. As a result, I scored on the perfect place to live, at a price that would have most Vancouverites glowering at me if I had admitted it.


One notable aspect of living in Canada is that everyone is welcome, and treated equally. I’m not saying that prejudice doesn’t exist – I heard a few bad jokes while here – but overall you’re not going to have to worry about being shot because you pulled a wallet out of your pocket at the local gas station. Almost everyone says hi when you enter a store, rather than looking worried. And you can even smile at people on the street, and they smile back at you. I discovered that I lived in a friendly place when I was muttering to myself at the local grocery store. There were so many different brands of pasta on the shelf. How was I to choose? A lady beside me struck up a conversation. That’s one thing I enjoy about Canada. People talk to each other for no reason. On the street. At the bus stop. In the shops. It seems to be a great way to pass the time while you’re waiting in a long line.

And that’s another thing. Canadians don’t mind standing in lineups. That’s because there are plenty of things they can do to occupy their time, such as chat to the people surrounding them. In some cities in the USA you hear stories about how the homeless are unwelcome. It’s illegal to feed the homeless in some US cities. It’s illegal for them to panhandle. Well, in Canada the homeless and the working class coexist peacefully together. You’ll see a homeless person on the sidewalk holding out their hat for money, while beside him are two businessmen in expensive suits having a chat. That’s what I enjoy about this country, there’s room for everyone. Living in Canada is a great place to live. If you’re looking for somewhere new for your family to live, I can highly recommend having a look at Canada first.